Wedding Pedicab from St Andrew to the Acadian Ballroom

Portland Wedding Pedicabs was called upon to provide a delightful Honeymoon Cruise and photo shoot for Chris and Jen.

These delightful newlyweds held their ceremony at St. Andrew Catholic Church on Alberta St.

Wedding Pedicab on Going St. Neighborhood Greenway

We arrived with our Wedding Pedicab decorated in their ‘peacock’ theme colors of blues, violet, and greens.  Our pedaler, Christian, dressed for the occasion and gave them a lovely cruise.  He pedaled them along the Going St. Neighborhood Greenway, allowing the Newlyweds to enjoy a quiet, romantic moment.  It was so nice to pedal them down this lovely tree lined neighborhood street.

They took many photos and eventually had us pedal our Portland Wedding Pedicab to their reception at the Acadian Ballroom.

Congratulations and thanks for having us provide you with a Wedding Pedicab cruise!

Feel free to leave your well wishes to the Newlyweds in the comments below.

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