Wedding Pedicab Honeymoon Cruise from Crystal Springs to Hotel Monaco

Portland Wedding Pedicab

Portland Wedding Pedicab Honeymoon Cruise

Portland Wedding Pedicab

Portland Wedding Pedicab Honeymoon Cruise

Portland Wedding Pedicab

Portland Wedding Pedicab Honeymoon Cruise

Portland Wedding Pedicab

Portland Wedding Pedicab along the Eastbank Esplanade

Portland Wedding Pedicab

Portland Wedding Pedicab waiting on the Hawthorne Bridge!

Portland Wedding Pedicab

Newlyweds in their Portland Wedding Pedicab at Hotel Lucia

Portland Wedding Pedicabs had the honor of pedaling Nate and Heidi on a Honeymoon Cruise in our Wedding Chariot!

They had a beautiful reception at the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden in Eastmoreland.  Family and friends visited from all over the country.  Nate ended the party by thanking everyone from the DJ’s microphone.  He had all the guests head out of the garden to cheer as the Newlyweds jumped in their surprise getaway vehicle.

Our pedicab sat patiently awaiting the crowd, decorated with red faux flowers and some lace.  Family and friends lit up with joy when they saw our Portland Wedding Pedicab in its bridal glory!

The guests all lined the exit as Nate and Heidi made a run through the gauntlet of cheering and tossed rose petals!
They smiled and kissed and just radiated as we slowly rolled away.  All of their beloveds cheered sweetly as we rolled out of sight.

Heidi and Nate are such a great couple! They used the Honeymoon Cruise in our Wedding Pedicab to wind down and have the time to digest their new marriage.  Their destination was the classy Hotel Monaco downtown.  I think they won the Portland Wedding Pedicabs award for longest Honeymoon Cruise we have pedaled in Portland!

We took a leisurely cruise on the neighborhood greenways and waterfront Esplanade all the way from the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden in Eastmoreland to their downtown honeymoon suite!  It was a true Portlandia bridal parade, as many passerbys, drivers, and random folks would light up and yell, “Congratulations!” as they rolled by with the “Just Married” sign on the back of their wedding chariot.

It was an incredibly pleasant cruise through Portland’s SE neighborhoods and the waterfront.

Heidi and Nate have recently moved to Portland and have embraced our city with open arms! They served local food and drink at their wedding and love the fact that people of all ages can safely ride their bikes in Portland.  The couple made a big effort to make the wedding their own and use inclusive language in the ceremony.

As we rolled downtown, more and more people yelled their congratulations. The newlyweds loved the strangers cheering their Wedding Cab, Heidi even gave some high fives to folks in the waterfront!  She remarked, “we couldn’t do that in a car!” The best was when we rolled off the Hawthorne Bridge, a huge crowd was just milling at Salmon Street Fountain.  We did not know how the group of young folks would we react as we needed to roll through.  Upon sight of Heidi and Nate, everyone erupted in applause and cheers!

Portland Wedding Pedicabs delivered these wonderful newlyweds up to the red carpet outside the Hotel Monaco.

What an amazing couple to pedal on such a relaxing route through SE and downtown Portland.

Thank you, Nate and Heidi, for including Portland Wedding Pedicabs in your special night!  It was such a treat to pedal you two and we wish you all the best!

Feel free to leave your well wishes for these great Newlyweds in the comments below.

Update: Nate & Heidi Left us a Glowing Review!

“We chose Portland Pedicabs to pedal us to our hotel on our wedding night. Ryan, the owner, was easy to contact and our ride was arranged without a hitch. He was there exactly when he said he would be and the ride was comfortable and relaxing. My wife and I agree that we had not only a memorable wedding-day experience, but also one of the most amazing experiences of our lives. Ryan had a super fun demeanor and made us both feel like royalty. I laugh at myself for considering taking a towncar or cab to our hotel. The experience was easily more fun than a limo! In addition, all of our friends from out of town got a taste of what people in Portland do! We rode by tons of people who all cheered and shouted their congratulations. My wife was even giving out some high-fives! We stopped at some very beautiful night-time spots and took fuzzy, warm, glowing photos that came out looking pretty great! We even rode through the Salmon St. fountain plaza and ran into 50 or so teenagers all milling about. When they saw us they erupted into roaring cheers. Best 15 seconds of my life. You’ll have a thousand times more fun than you will inside a car. I will not hesitate to recommend you whenever possible. Thanks, Ryan, for an unparalleled wedding-day experience.

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