Beautiful Wedding at Mt. Hood Organic Farms!

Portland Wedding Pedicabs was invited to the East side of Mt. Hood last weekend!  We brought our Bridal Chariot out to Mt. Hood Organic Farms to celebrate Paul and Liz’s fabulous wedding!

The scenery at Mt Hood Organic Farms is just astounding! The farmhouse and cabins look right up to the glaciered, towering spire of Mt. Hood!  This is such an incredible venue!  Liz and Paul had many guests from the East Coast, who were all in awe of this mountainous majesty. (While back East, Hurricane Irene was drenching their homes) They were all loving this golden Summer day on the mountain.

We arrived an hour early and worked with Cassandra, the on site wedding coordinator.  She was a total professional and great to work with.  We figured out the timing of the ceremony: I was to wait hidden behind the altar, waiting for the marriage pronouncement.

The wedding guests and friend were buzzing around the beautiful venue. We decorated the Wedding Pedicab to the bride’s desires and it looked great.

Flowergirls at Mt Hood Wedding

The ceremony was short and sweet with heartfelt, personal vows.  Once they sealed their marriage with a kiss, i pedaled their Bridal Chariot out from hiding! The bride told her crowd that “Our ride is waiting!” The groom assisted his new wife into the pedicab and we rolled off into the Apple orchards of Mt. Hood Organic Farms.

Photographer in action with our Wedding Pedicab


Our Bridal Pedicab helped provide a stage for some post ceremony photos with their great photographer Debbi.  She kept capturing their spirit and using our “Just Married” sign while the couple basked in each others love.

We also were honored to pedal Grandma and other guests with mobility issues, helping them get to the cocktail reception and later to the wonderful salmon dinner.

It was a beautiful ceremony, venue, and wedding!

Thanks for including Portland Wedding Pedicabs in your Mt. Hood Wedding!

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